BYO Bag, BYO Reason

To make a difference. That was our reason for helping to create a campaign for Plastic Free Manly with the objective of encouraging local shoppers to stop using single-use plastic bags.

With Australians using over 10 million new bags a day, many of which find their way into the waterways, there are now more plastic in our ocean than fish – making it a cause that’s very important to the waterside Sydney suburb.

However when we dived deeper into the problem we found that there wasn’t one key persuasive point to push, but rather a variety of reasons that locals held for why they might consider switching to reusable bags.

Whether it’s because you don’t want plastic waste hitting you while you surf, or because your café business depends on Manly being an attractive destination – there's an environmental, financial or lifestyle reason that talks to every resident or business in Manly.

So as a vehicle to showcase the variety of reasons we created the idea ‘BYO Bag. BYO Reason. It’s How Manly Shops’. The campaign was brought to life in activations, outdoor, social and digital channels with a community backing that continues to grow. To be part of the initiative, visit


Alex Davidson