Dietlicious Launches 'At Least Your Diet is Delicious'


Our latest work sees the launch of a new brand platform for healthy meal service, Dietlicious.

‘At Least Your Diet is Delicious’ focuses on reaching a wider audience beyond the fitness niche that many other health and wellness brands focus exclusively on. 

“Health-conscious individuals aren’t limited to gym-junkies and paleo-peeps”, says Alex Davidson, Creative Partner, ScienceFiction, “In fact, there’s a mass market out there of people who are genuinely concerned about their health and wellbeing. It just isn’t a daily obsession for them.”

Janel Horton, Managing Director, Dietlicious: “With our gourmet range of healthy prepared meals you can look forward to each day knowing that no matter what happens (or doesn’t), at least your diet is delicious.”

Matt Arbon, Creative Partner, ScienceFiction says the campaign is all about having a laugh at the excuses we all make: “We’re reminding people that being a little healthier actually isn’t as hard as it seems and doesn’t have to be taken so seriously. We think this is something more people would be open to buying in to.”


Says Nicole Kennelly, Head of Digital, Dietlicious: “We are all about healthy, real ingredients and convenience with flavour, but we also love to enjoy life’s journey with the occasional Shiraz. This campaign shows the humour in our realistic healthy lifestyles and that being healthy doesn’t have to be all or nothing.”

The new brand platform launches with a digital campaign and more activity to follow throughout the year.

Alex Davidson