Right2Drive Tells Australian Drivers ‘You’ll be Right’

After months of development, this week sees the new brand platform for Right2Drive officially go live. 

‘You’ll be Right’ was developed with long term brand building in mind and the recognition that there is a big job to be done as Right2Drive’s Managing Director, Damian Mullins notes;

“We’re the leader in this category but that doesn’t mean much when most people don’t know their rights. Our mission is to ensure that within a few years every Aussie and Kiwi are telling each other, ‘You’ll be right’ after a not at-fault accident.”

 Marketing Manager Cheyne Oxford believes this isn’t just obtainable but also necessary.

“When I joined Right2Drive over 12 months ago, I was like most Australians who had no idea that you have the right to a loan car after a not at-fault accident. We can’t undo an accident but if we can get people back on the road as soon as possible, it goes some of the way to making things right again.”


Right2Drive is a business that’s highly regarded once people have experienced the service, but the challenge we’ve identified is to make sure the brand is as memorable as possible so that when that unforeseen moment does occur, they’ll be top of mind.

The new brand platform includes a new song developed by Johnny Green at Rumble Studios, that brings to life the feeling behind, ‘You’ll be Right’. It will be used as part of the campaign activity running across radio, online and branches.

Listen to the new radio spot below:

Alex Davidson