Without the number of likes, what is the purpose of Brand Content?

It’s been a week since Instagram has started the trial of hiding the number of likes on posts, but how will this effect brands?

The traditionally accepted purposes of any brand content are to inspire, educate, entertain or convince. So is a travel post with more likes more inspirational? Is a how-to-style post with more likes more credible? Is a product post with more likes more trustworthy? Most likely; Herd behaviour definitely has a role to play on social.

Instagram’s desire to remove competition between posts will not only have an impact on personal and influencer accounts, but will also create a level playing field between a pair of sneakers posted by Adidas and a pair of shoes from a local designer by making each appear equally sought after.

It could also bring about a 5th (and arguable more important) purpose for brand content; to be memorable. How can the content build memory structures for the brand so it is thought of at the right times, rather than just being remembered for having the most likes?

Alex Davidson