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How it could come to life:


One way the idea could come to life is to create a series of ‘Frames’, which would be 25 unique images focussed around different Dresden combinations. These could be commissioned from up and coming photographers and illustrators.


25 Street posters could be put up near Dresden stores where each poster has a different ‘Frame’ image.

Dresden Street Poster.jpg


The frames could be put together into an animated gif to be used on social.

This could also be created by getting the public to find and photograph the individual street posters, with the reward of winning the glasses that are featured in the image.



Posters and shelf strips could display a range of headlines:

  • Improving eyewear Frame by Frame

  • Change your look Frame by Frame

  • Create your own look Frame by Frame 

  • Helping our oceans Frame by Frame 

  • Sustainable, affordable eyewear Frame by Frame 

  • Discover the latest looks Frame by Frame



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