Harris Farm Markets

Imperfect Picks // Video, Social & In-store


Consumers have become trained to judge fruit and veggies by their appearance despite the fact that, no matter how they look, they’re usually perfectly good to eat, cook and enjoy.

Our approach was to create a food movement that consumers could get behind. Imperfect Picks is a positioning for the range that challenges established food perceptions of what's 'perfect' by basing fruit and veggie buying decisions on freshness and taste rather than a weird shape or blemish.



The Crop // Digital & In-Store


Most people have no real idea about how fresh their supermarket’s fresh food really is. But if the supermarkets definitions of fresh food aren’t all equal, how do you prove it?

What if you let the customers take control of the farms that provided them with their fruit and veggies? Introducing The Crop; The world's first ever fan created crop.


All via Workshop Australia