Healthdirect Australia

Questions // Pregnancy Birth & Baby // TV, Print & Digital


Existing baby brands paint a world of giggling, perfect babies, but most new parents experience the opposite and often feel helpless and alone.

Turning the Huggies-style happy mum image on its head, we shot the TVC from the point of view of the baby to capture the real emotion and concern felt by new parents, who are faced with more questions than they ever expected.

Tapping into the reality that new parents can relate to proved to be highly effective, achieving a 50% increase in calls, a 36% increase in website traffic and an 80% increase in brand awareness.



Spot the Difference // Mind Health Connect // Radio, Print & OOH


Mental health issues affect 1 in 5 Australians, but it can be challenging to recognise the signs, let alone address them. Many campaigns target the sufferer but our research found that their friends and family are often better placed to identify a change in behaviour resulting from a mental health issue. However, they weren't always equipped to start a conversation about it.

Spot the Difference became a call to action for Australians to recognise and understand the changes when a loved one isn't themselves anymore.

The campaign resulted in a 92% increase in website visits (7.5% above target) and a 143% increase in monthly returning visits (67% above target). The radio spot was also recognised as the Sirens 2015 Round 2 winner.



Fear of Finding Out // Healthdirect // TV & Print


Men are an under represented group when it comes to seeking health advice and often wait until they have life threatening symptoms before using a health service. They're stuck in a behavioural pattern where avoiding seeking help often actively causes stress, anxiety and can be worse than dealing directly with what's often a manageable health issue.

To break this behaviour, we needed a bold message to cut-through and reach men who were immobilised by their Fear of Finding Out. Our approach was to personify this fear and create a compelling story that our audience knew all too well.



Healthdirect It // Healthdirect // TV, Digital & Radio


8 out of 10 online health enquiries start at a search engine rather than a trusted source of health advice like healthdirect.

By tapping into existing search vernacular, healthdirect it encouraged people to stop using search engines and risk ‘feeling lucky’ and use healthdirect to get the trusted health advice they were looking for.


All via Workshop Australia