Refreshingly Refreshing



Refreshing. It’s a word that most soft drink companies aren’t afraid to use. Over and over again. So when Lipton Ice Tea asked us to help launch their new soft drink, a lightly sparkling alternative that’s naturally refreshing thanks to real ice tea, we realised that we had a drink that could actually make this claim.


By poking fun at soft drink marketing clichés, including the overuse of the ‘R’ word itself, Refreshingly Refreshing introduces Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling as a drink that’s refreshing in both attitude and taste.

Phase 1

The campaign launched with a focus on the overused brand promises, across one of Unilever Australia's biggest ever outdoor media buys.

Phase 2

Following on from the launch, the second phase of our campaign shone the light on one of the other great soft drink brand cliches; the model pose.

Phase 3

Whilst other brands use celebrity endorsements, we used non-celebrities in the final phase of the campaign. In true Refreshingly Refreshing style, Lipton invited consumers to become part of our brand story through an Instagram promotion that gave them the opportunity to star on their very own billboard.


Via Workshop Sydney

Alex Davidson